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#001 – Finding Your Magic with Jason Wray

Welcome to Create Your Edge: A Marketing Podcast.

I’m your host Bryan Schilligo. Every month we learn about the history of marketing, take an expert-lead deep dive into an interesting new marketing topic, and have a little bit of fun.

Introduction to Guest and Topic

In our very first episode, I’m joined by the Founder and CEO of Creative Edge, Jason Wray.  Jason thanks for joining us today!  Let’s go ahead and get to our first segment – This Day in Marketing History.

This Day in Marketing History – Today is March 10th

On this day in 1847, Alexander Graham Bell made the very first telephone call.  Bell called his assistant, Thomas Watson, who was listening in on a receiver in the next room, and famously said: “Mr. Watson–come here– I want to see you.”

As is the case with many inventions Bell wasn’t the only person working on the telephone. Bell’s most prominent competition was Elisha Gray whom some authors think should be considered the TRUE inventor of the telephone, alleging that Bell stole the idea of using a liquid transmitter (A key element of the telephone)  from Gray.

As to who should ACTUALLY get credit for inventing the telephone — the story is far too complicated to settle here, but it is a fascinating affair full of rumors, accusations, and court cases.

But whoever should get credit for inventing the phone it’s safe to say our industry and countless others wouldn’t be the same if it hadn’t been for that first humble telephone call.

Main Discussion

So, Jason, our podcast is called Create Your Edge, and that name is obviously inspired by the name of our company, Creative Edge, why don’t you tell us a little bit about how Creative Edge was born and why you chose that name.

So let’s talk about what this show is and why we’re doing it.

So that’s a little bit about us and what you can look forward to on this show.  Now let’s get to our next segment where you, the listener, get to join in on the fun.

Name the Noise

It’s time for Name the Noise.  In this segment, I will play a short audio clip that is related to marketing or the history of marketing in some way.  It’s your job as our listeners and viewers to figure out what the sound is.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and comment with your guess on this episode’s post. While you’re doing that go ahead and subscribe to our channel to make sure you don’t miss an episode.  We’ll reveal what the sound was in the next episode!

Listener Questions

In future episodes we want to hear YOUR questions! We’ll be devoting a whole segment to answering your burning marketing dilemmas so if there’s something YOU want to ask us check out our social media for upcoming show topics and submit your questions!

Product Pitch

I give the guest a customer they will be selling to (dog owner, teacher, butcher, farmer etc.) and a handful of cards with words on them. The guest then picks two of the words to combine into a product and then they have ~1 minute to sell me (as the customer) the product.

Thanks for joining us for the very first episode of Create Your Edge! Come back next month when I’ll be sitting down with Creative Edge’s Director of Digital Strategy, Cody Lunsford and Digital marketing strategist Myles Murphy to talk about Facebook marketing and more.  Until that time remember to get out of the damn box and go be extraordinary.

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