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About Wright Implement

We owe a lot of gratitude to the little farms that keep us running. Back in 1936, Wright Implement was one of those. With a mission to exceed customer expectations, Wright Implement quickly outgrew the acres of their Harned, KY farm. 

Today, Wright Implement spans across two states with 15 locations. Through their sales of John Deere products, their service centers, and their drive to surpass your standards, they aren’t just the best choice – they’re the Wright choice for the job!

Wright Implement + Creative Edge

There are several basic principles that the world has come to accept. People will always think they’re right, the grass is still greener, and it takes a little work to make something grow. The latter is a mantra that has been personified in the relationship between Creative Edge and Wright Implement. 

Creative Edge can take no credit for the years of hard work that has made Wright Implement the dealer they are today. By the time their partnership started, Wright Implement had already put in the work to nurture their organization into something that could stand tall on its own. As time passed and new seeds were planted, however, Wright Implement struggled to develop the best strategy for their digital presence. 

Growing In The Cloud

Growing a digital seed is far different than that of traditional marketing. Too often, traditional marketing was done because “it’s in the budget” or to “keep up with the competition” with no proof of ROI. But digital marketing is different. Digital marketing is driven by data, not gut feelings. But the question remains; how do you grow seeds in the cloud?

It’s a simple formula. You need your seed (your content), your soil (your platform), and your water (your spend)  – cryptic, right? Let me break it down. Everything you do in business should revolve around building your fan base. Your fan base grows when customers get the chance to interact with your brand, it’s content and the staff. The more they do so, and the more they experience your business’ mission— the more of a fan they become. It all leads to your harvest- when you’ve nurtured your leads to the point of conversion (or sale). 

This is what we helped Wright Implement do. Through social media management, lead funneling, content creation, and more, Wright Implement’s digital presence took root.

Avoiding the Drought

Putting the farm parallels aside, our partnership with Wright Implement has drastically impacted the way their organization has functioned. With Google Ads alone, our campaign fostered (on average) over 100 calls a month from high intent traffic. Our use of social media advertising, over a quarter, automated around 500 customer interactions regarding promotions, sales, and financing. These ads became so popular that Wright had to dedicate force specifically for social media follow-ups! 

In website traffic alone, we’ve been able to generate leads for pennies on the visit. Through a social media used equipment campaign, we’ve been able to produce 4,704 link clicks for $0.10 each. In the 2nd quarter of 2020, Wright Implement’s website sessions increased by 46.2%.

Last, but certainly not least, the use of our Edge system for their sales team has allowed them to feature individual pieces of equipment in a way that no other competitor can. With individual equipment webpages, video content, and more, it’s rather apparent which dealer is the Wright choice.

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We work tirelessly to help fulfill our clients’ dreams and goals by helping them take their companies to new heights and we want to do the same for you. Together, we can change the world, one kickass brand at a time.”

— Jason Wray
President & CEO

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