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About Carbon Recall

Carbon Recall’s mission is to connect renewable energy with real benefits to improve lives. As the world’s only fully-integrated clean energy franchise company, Carbon Recall is committed to powering a net-zero world with clean, carbon-free electricity to make the places we live, work, and play the way they should be – 100% energy independent.

The future of energy will be built upon millions of homes being able to harness and store energy from the earth’s most abundant resources, and Carbon Recall believes that integrating and simplifying the process of using clean energy will be the key to its widespread adoption. This will be a decades-long effort that will serve to create a cleaner, more enjoyable, and equitable future for everyone involved.

Carbon Recall + Creative Edge

The most significant setback for many businesses is simply not having enough customers! When Carbon Recall came to us, this was one of the problems we needed to overcome. After some substantial market research, we discovered that before we could start on the customer acquisition/lead generation process, we needed to first inform the market of the benefits of solar energy, and why they need it.

photo of the carbon recall pop up banners by creative edge

How Did We Do It?

How do we inform an entire market about solar energy? With high-end video content and Facebook advertising! We mapped out a 3-month content strategy where our primary goal was to bring as much awareness and information to the area about all things solar energy. By doing this for about 3 months, we were able to start building up “warm” audiences of people who we knew were interested in learning more about solar.

By sending traffic to Carbon Recall’s website from our ads, we were able to generate pixel data that would be utilized in our retargeting campaigns. Retargeting website traffic was a big part of this overall strategy.

By running video views campaigns on Facebook, we were not only able to inform the viewers of all the benefits of switching to solar energy, but we were also able to build an audience of people who watched our videos 75% or more! So we made a custom audience of everyone who attended our solar energy videos at least 75% or more since these were most likely going to be the people who are most interested in solar. Similar to how we did the website traffic retargeting, we set up retargeting campaigns to the 75% viewer custom audience.

The retargeting campaign took users to our “solar energy” survey. This asked several questions about their home, financial status, and more. Then these leads were sent off to Carbon Recall’s sales rep for further qualification. We also utilized Facebook Lead Form Ads for the retargeting.


We were able to steadily average around 100 leads per month for Carbon Recall, which included name, email, phone number, home address, credit score, occupation, and more. By increasing the number of leads generated, we were able to help Carbon Recall see more in-home consultations, and most importantly, installations.

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