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The legal and financial landscape requires firms to be 100% customer-centric. Due to competition, there is a constant battle to be in the right place at the right time. A client’s search for legal and financial advice is quickly overwhelmed with ads. So how do you stand out?

Cutting-edge Marketing

If You’re Not First, You’re Last

There has never been an easier time to get in front of your clients, but staying there can feel impossible. With digital marketing becoming the standard and traditional taking a back seat, brands are scrambling to catch up. But with Creative Edge, your brand won’t just stay on top. It will benefit from being first to the party as new opportunities arrive.

The Play by Play.

Our Investment

Our focus is not on getting clients. It’s on building relationships. We then evaluate how Creative Edge can help you as a partner. From there, our focus shifts to developing raving fans.

Why have multiple vendors when you can have one partner that you trust? We're in it for the long haul and we're committed to your success.
We hire professionals that are at the top of their craft, so whether it's branding, video, digital strategy or anything in between, we have the experts you need to elevate your brand.
We don't aim for short-term gains or quick fixes—we focus on long-term growth. If you're looking for a comprehensive marketing strategy, we're the partner for you.
At Creative Edge, we don't work with just anyone; we specialize in a few key niches so that we can optimize, perfect, and focus on building campaigns and brands that excel.
Your success is our success and that's why we focus our efforts on delivering real results. Clicks, views, and vanity metrics don't matter if you're not getting results.
We believe that all great marketing is done by a team of people working towards the same goal. And when we say team, we mean you too. We're all in this together.
When we brainstorm awesome new ideas, we incorporate experts from every area of the company. Designers, Videographers, Digital Marketers, Copywriters—we're all collaborating.
Culture is the catalyst to growth, and that's why we work so hard to foster an incredible working culture. We know that when we grow, we can help our clients grow.
We love working in an industry that allows us to flex our creative muscles. Whether it's designing new brands, crafting cutting edge campaigns, or finding new ways to innovate, we bring the creative.
We've been doing this a long time, so we've seen what works and what doesn't across a variety of industries. We can put those insights to work for you to elevate your brand.

Stories + Client Testimonials

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Creative Edge. Their professionalism and dedication to client service is matched only by their talent, creativity and energy. It has been a joy to work with each and every member of the Creative Edge team. I completely trust Creative Edge with all of my firm’s advertising and multimedia needs.”

Gordon Glaus The Glaus Law Firm
Attorney At Law

"Creative Edge is a phenomenal company to partner with, we are very pleased with the work they have provided for us. They've exceeded our goals that we initially set, as well as the professionalism they always portray. They are ALWAYS there to make sure you are completely happy with the finished product and to make sure they provide you with the results you need."

Aeron Westbrook Wright Implement
Marketing Coordinator

Your Full-Service Marketing PARTNER

Our Team is Ready. Are You?

The power of marketing and technology have allowed Creative Edge to host a wide selection of tools to help build your brand, engage your audience, and escalate your ROI. Contact our team today to learn more about what our partnership looks like!

  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • High-End Video Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Streaming TV Apps
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • And More!

Ready to
Elevate your brand?

“Our work at Creative Edge is more than a “slick” marketing campaign—more than gorgeous artwork & breathtaking video.

We are simply…more.

We work tirelessly to help fulfill our clients’ dreams and goals by helping them take their companies to new heights and we want to do the same for you. Together, we can change the world, one kickass brand at a time.”

— Jason Wray
President & CEO

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