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Digital Marketing: From a Different Standpoint

Working remotely is a common concept in today’s world. Looking into the future, this concept will most likely be our new “normal.” To some, this may be unsettling. However, to those in the digital marketing industry, we are prepared for it. Online is the future. We are constantly thinking of ways to incorporate into this new lifestyle because in this industry we need to always be one step ahead. 

This #MarketingMonday, let’s take a peek into Senior Research and Market Analyst Payton Beck’s remote work lifestyle. For about a year now, Payton has been working remotely and incorporating different methods into his daily routine to help him stay ahead of the digital marketing world— all from within his home.

Q: With more things moving digitally, could you see “remote work,” or “work-from-home” becoming more of a common concept?

A: I was working, at least in part, remotely from day one at Creative Edge. And as I’ve gone deeper and deeper down the digital hole, I truly believe that this flexibility is one of Creative Edge’s greatest assets. As we grow, we’re no longer limited to a geographical talent pool, especially when it requires someone with very specific talents and abilities! That is why I don’t only see it becoming a more common concept, but a standard option for any position that can accommodate it.

Q: How have you noticed working remotely affecting you in the workforce?

A: Remote work is an entirely different experience. When I’m working from home, my days tend to be more structured, streamlined, and efficient. I’m able to control the outside factors that influence my workplace, which means everything is set up exactly how I like it. Because I am used to that environment, I struggle to maintain my efficiency elsewhere, like when visiting the home office. That being said, it can be difficult to maintain comradery with your coworkers. I am lucky because Creative Edge works very hard to keep us remote employees in the loop and in the fun!

Q: Speaking of moving all digital, have you noticed a difference in our audience across social media platforms?

A: Today, people are craving entertainment more than ever. Our audiences have definitely grown since we’ve all adapted to this new way of life. Engagement is more important than ever. That is why we’re focusing so much on producing top-notch content! From high-end video to this blog, entertaining and connecting with our audience is the best way to stay connected right now.

Q: In order to stay connected, what formats have been helpful?

A: With regards to work, we’ve all been using Zoom a lot. As someone who’s been using the platform for a long time, I’m happy with the software improvements as of late. Some other platforms that I use a lot are Slack [a communication software], Dropbox, Google Drive, and anything cloud-based that gives the team and me easy access.

Q: What is one piece of advice you have for someone working remotely?

A: Wake up and get dressed every day, put on what you would normally wear to work—making this a routine helps! Creating a specific workspace is also key. I focus better at my desk and when I am done working for the day, I just walk away.


Now more than ever, as things continue to shift toward remote, it is important to keep your audience in the loop. Individuals are relying more on their newsfeed for engagement or unique insight than ever before. Although, your doors are closing— doesn’t mean your business is. Your fans need to know this! However, without the extra work put in, your audience will slowly fade out. 

This could be as simple as posting a poll to your feed or live streaming. The greater the personal touch, the better. Every company has the opportunity to exert its social media platform to gain more of an audience— it just requires taking initiative and utilizing it. 

As we start moving toward a common goal of staying up-to-date and prominent, there are many things we can be doing, but here a few to summarize:

  • Utilize the Cloud – If you haven’t already been doing it, it is time to start. You never know when things could move completely digital – so why not be prepared? Utilize anything cloud-based [Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.].
  • Stay Curious – Ask questions. This is one of the easiest ways to intake new ideas and create something innovative for your audience. Not only will it keep you informed, but it potentially could lead you to team collaboration.
  • Stay Connected– Utilize your social media! Keep your audience engaged, stay active throughout all platforms, and don’t leave your fans hanging.


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