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Social Media Engagement-Quick Tips for Your Business

Better social media engagement is at the top of every digital marketer’s to-do list, but great engagement starts with a fully optimized profile. How do your profiles stack up?

If you could visit your business’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with fresh eyes, what would think?

Would you become your biggest fan? Or would you bounce to the next supplier? Your business’s digital presence should be a direct reflection of your brand and what it stands for.

Upon visiting these platforms, will consumers identify you as professional, unique, interesting, etc? This #MarketingMonday, we’re going to share with you some quick tips to revamp your business’ social media accounts!

The little things are the biggest things- and lucky for you, they can be tweaked quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at some of these social media account “best practices.”

For Social Media Engagement, Consistency is Key

The goal is to make your brand easily recognizable to consumers everywhere. One way you can achieve this using social media is to remain consistent across each platform.

As far as profile photo/icon, are the images you’ve chosen the same across the board? Although this may seem boring, this will build brand recognition for your business which is extremely valuable! The more places the public notices that image, they will start to remember and identify you more easily.

Another way you can remain consistent is by using the same handle or username for each channel. Sometimes, no, this is not possible. That’s okay! If you can’t do this, make them as similar as you can.

But why? If one of your Instagram followers wants to find you on Twitter, they will most likely try searching your Instagram handle- so make it easy for them to track down your page.

Having similarities in your branding will leave no room for questioning your validity.

Complete Your Profiles

Show up for the public. Have all components of your profile available to your viewer!

There are bits and pieces you are prompted to fill out when you first create an account- on any social platform. And don’t freak out if you ignored that in the beginning – let’s do it together now.

Assuming you have your profile photo and handle already in place, it is important to write a short bio about what your business is. For example, Nike’s bio says, “If you have a body, you are an athlete. #justdoit.” This one is short and sweet and showcases what the brand stands for.

After carefully coming up with your own, tack on the link to your business’ website. There is a specific place for this, so be sure and add it to where it belongs.

On some platforms, like Instagram, there is a place to add contact information. This is a beneficial tool for customer service. You can add the business’ email address and phone number. By completing all aspects of your profile, you have made your business available to the public and built it as both trustworthy and reliable!

Just Pin It

Most of your business’ social media accounts perform around the same – but this ONE time…you posted a piece of content that did unbelievably well.

First, props to you! But second, you need to pin it!

This tool can be utilized on both Facebook and Twitter. So what is it? Pinning a post is an option that allows you to put a specific piece of your content at the top of your page, making it one of the very first things someone sees when visiting your account!

For example, on Twitter, if you click on a particular post, you can tap the down arrow to the right of the content and select “Pin to profile.” This content will then rise to the top of your page. This is great for new page visitors.

If a consumer is looking at your business account for the first time, they will see the highest performing material, giving you the best chance to gain a new follower.

Post Post Post

Here’s a bonus tip. You want your social media accounts to gain traction, generate traffic, and just plain get attention.

That can’t be possible though, unless you are building an up-to-date wall. This simply means to show your readers a little bit of consistency. What’s the point of sending out a post twice a month? You won’t be remembered that way!

Come up with a pattern for your content, and stick to it!

If you’re going to release something into the feed once a week- do it, and don’t veer from it. Your page should welcome new clients with open arms. And if you’re really good, they might even look forward to seeing your posts.

We hope you are able to utilize these quick tips to revamp your business’ social media accounts, making them that much better!

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