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4 “No-Brainer” Videos to Use in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In 2021, the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos. Will your business grab a piece of the pie? Or will you sit back and watch as your competitors rise to the occasion? The stone-cold truth is, consumers want video. In this day and age, they yearn for it – and they’re just waiting for you to give them something worth watching. 

Here’s the good news – you can. And you will! We’re here to give you the cheat sheet or the krabby-patty formula for what consumers want to see from your business. Here are 4 “no-brainer” videos to use in your digital marketing strategy.


If video marketing were a baseball field, explainer videos would be first base. You have to get your consumers on base. And how are you going to do it? By telling them a little bit about your business and what exactly it is that you do. These kinds of videos are great for any industry, product, or service. And let me tell you, they are especially wonderful for businesses that don’t really offer a….simple explanation. If you think your industry is complicated, trust us, we are UP to the challenge. Check out some of the explainer videos we’ve produced for us and our clients!

Creative Edge | EDGE Explainer

Event Shares | The World Votes, Markets React

The Mortgage Place: The Power of The Mortgage Place


You can speak highly about your business “all day, every day,” but consumers will listen when they hear it from an outside source. What they really want to see is a good success story. Testimonial videos are the perfect way to take your raving fans and multiply them exponentially! At Creative Edge, we’ve produced many testimonial videos for businesses just like yours – allowing us to come up with fresh ideas to help you shine. Here are a couple of examples…

Baptist Cancer Center: Nurse Navigator Spotlight

Premier Physical Therapy | Overcoming

Youth Coding League: Kalaiha’s Story

Corporate History

Maybe consumers already know what you do. But do they know why you do it? Shed some light. Your business has a rich history – and you’ve put your life into making it what it is today. Show viewers why this isn’t just a day job to you! Videos that showcase your corporate history will give consumers something to latch on to. Something to connect with! Think about it. When you feel like you really know someone and where they came from, you naturally feel more connected to them. Check out some of our favorites. 

Saint Francis | Our History

Wright Implement: Generations

Old Town Cape | Celebrating 20 Years

Bobcat of St. Louis | Make it Happen

Behind the Scenes

This one just screams authenticity. There is truly nothing more real and more raw than showing your consumers what goes on behind the scenes. If you want people to build trust with your brand, this is another great way to do it. Plus, it’s fun! And there are so many ways to do it. Here at Creative Edge, we use behind-the-scenes videos on our Instagram and Facebook stories and even in organic social media posts! We take our viewers along for the ride for camera crew set-up, internal video bloopers, and even sometimes on shoots!

Creative Edge | Valentine’s Day Pickup Line Battle 

So, where do you use these types of videos? You really can’t go wrong. But with the right full-service marketing company, they’ll end up exactly where they’re supposed to be.

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Landing Page
  • Product Page
  • Stories

The truth is, this doesn’t even BEGIN to cover the possibilities that are out there for video! At Creative Edge, our job is to help you figure out what will work best for your unique business and its digital marketing strategy. So get inspired! Check out some of our work, read more of our no-brainer tips, or give us a call to learn more.



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