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As one of the fastest-growing platforms to date, TikTok shows extraordinary potential and even more growth to come. The app hosts 1.1 billion active users monthly, 100 million being from the US alone, and gives almost everyone the chance to “go viral,” thanks to its unique algorithm. 

TikTok is a platform composed of short videos that showcase everyday life. In a minute or less, users can attach popular or self-created sounds to videos of their own. The popular application has a way of romanticizing everyday life in action, making it stand out among other social media channels. One of the most appealing qualities about TikTok is the ability for users to be so raw and real in their videos. No filters, no judgment, and no need for perfection, which is different from many other applications. TikTok also opens the door to a lot of advertising opportunities. Small businesses are finding success and support throughout the app. Even larger businesses, using the right advertising, are gaining fans from all over the world. The hashtag #business has 6.8 billion views and is growing every day. 

Many businesses have influencers to thank for their successes, as these popular users are a prominent part of the app and can be paid by businesses to promote their products and services on their own personal accounts. Having influencers promote their products and services, or taking part in relevant trends, has proven to be a smart move for businesses around the world.


It’s no secret that with 1 billion active users monthly, Instagram takes the cake for most popular social media platform when it comes to promotion. Up to 90% of US marketers name Instagram as the most important social media platform for influencer marketing. Instagram also offers 16 languages for auto-generated captions on videos to accommodate a larger audience of non-speaking individuals. 

Instagram allows businesses or influencers that have 10,000 or more followers to use the “swipe up” feature on their stories. This allows them to provide followers with easy access when linking a specific product. They can even lead individuals directly to their website or the website they’re promoting. 

In a more creative aspect, Instagram gives businesses or influencers the option to use Instagram Live to have a more personal conversation with their followers. Instagram Live allows for a guest to appear as well, making the option even more interesting. This can be very helpful and allows for a deeper conversation between the host and the guest. Instagram Stories provide another way to promote interaction between the viewer and host through Q&As, multiple choice quizzes, countdowns, and more.  

There are plenty of marketing and advertising experts on the platform that help businesses and influencers stay up-to-date on the latest marketing and social media trends. 

One final pro of using Instagram is its easy access to demographics. Instagram makes it simple to search hashtags and see who is using the host’s products. It can also be used to research demographics, growth, answer questions or engage with customers, read reviews, and so much more.


Facebook is seen as the all-time number one platform in the social media world because it is used by 2.8 billion users worldwide. Whether it’s from word-of-mouth or paid advertisement for targeted, specific demographics, Facebook allows for pages to be seen more than any other platform. The platform offers plenty of ways for businesses to creatively spread information. A lot of businesses host “giveaways” when they reach a certain amount of page likes by having people interact with and share their post until they reach that goal. This helps spread the word for their business and bring more traffic to their page. In addition, it provides people a chance to share their experiences with the brand and increase word-of-mouth exposure. 

Are you a user of Instagram? Facebook makes it easy to connect the two, even allowing businesses to auto-post from Instagram to Facebook to keep things cohesive. Also, similar to Instagram, Facebook offers a story feature where businesses can host Q&As, quizzes, and other contests. For convenient communication, Facebook’s messenger feature allows users to interact with a brand in real-time when they visit the page.


Much like TikTok, Twitter is known for its relaxed digital atmosphere. Many users post exactly what is on their minds, and that’s what users love about it! Video is very popular with Twitter users because of how easy it is to keep up with trends. Utilizing the #Trending feature is a great way for businesses to stay on top of what’s popular and new. All you have to do is visit the “trending” page, and you’ll see what the most popular topics of discussion are at that moment in time. If you’re quick to hop on the bandwagon, you just might get featured in this area, which could be great exposure for your business. 

Out of every social media platform, Twitter makes it easiest to share content from other users. The “retweet” and “quote tweet” features allow you to directly post someone else’s content to your page, and even add your own personal text if you want!


Youtube is a fantastic long-form method of promoting work and talking about ideas while getting feedback from any of the 2 billion monthly users worldwide. Behind Facebook, YouTube is seen as the second most popular social media platform. It is also shown to be the #1 platform for videos. Businesses can upload how-to videos, informational videos, Q&As, and all kinds of other possibilities! Uploading consistently can result in a higher viewer rating and help build an audience from a large number of users.

Promotion and other advertisements are very common on the site. Similar to Instagram and TikTok, businesses can pay popular influencers to promote their work on their own accounts.


LinkedIn, often described as a place to connect employers to employees, has helped more individuals obtain jobs than any other social media platform. Every day individuals have the ability to build an online resume, showing off skills and highlighting past careers. But with over 310 million active users monthly, the social site can be used for so much more. Not only does it help connect B2C, but also B2B. 

Find out what your competitors are doing, or even gain industry insight at the click of a button. So, as different as this platform is in comparison to the rest, the use of video is just as relevant! Much like Facebook, you can share, react, and add comments to videos posted here. In fact, in 2020, videos posted on LinkedIn generated more than 300 million impressions! You won’t want to ignore this platform.

In Conclusion

Each of the platforms mentioned above can work cohesively with one another. YouTube clips are shown on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Twitter posts can be screenshotted and posted to Instagram and Facebook. Instagram posts can simultaneously be posted to Facebook and Twitter. TikTok videos are re-posted to Facebook and Instagram, and so much more. Each platform helps build on the others even if it’s unintentional! This is great for businesses because it allows them to reach an even larger audience. The more social media platforms that are used, the more people will see the content

With hundreds of up-and-coming social media platforms, businesses want a company that can stay ahead of the game. For decades, Creative Edge has adapted to any platform that seems fit to help businesses succeed. Contact our team of video experts today and find out what we could do for you!

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