Why Video is Essential to Real Estate Marketing

There’s no question about it: people love to watch videos. Youtube is the world’s second most-visited website after Google and the world’s second most-used social media platform after Facebook. The average consumer spends approximately 40 hours a week watching television, and 15 of those hours are on streaming TV services like Netflix or Hulu. Last [...] More

Meet the EDGE: The Future of Real Estate Marketing

We know agents have a million ways to market their listings, and no one has time to manage it all. That’s where our automated real estate solution comes in. Allow us to introduce the EDGE, a proprietary cloud-based platform designed specifically for hands-free real estate marketing.   With the EDGE, your brokerage will have access to [...] More
photo of a realtor learning about social media marketing for real estate markets

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate-10 Tips

The field of real estate is ever-changing and expanding. Even in smaller markets, the competition is vigorous and standing out takes effort. Some have turned to billboards while others to genie lamps, but the smart ones are turning to social media. Social media marketing for real estate is at the way of the future. I [...] More
measuring your marketing success in real estate. man and woman look at picture with real estate broker

How to Measure Marketing Success for Real Estate

How does one measure success? In each aspect of life there are certain boxes we check off to determine our own success or achievement of goals. We decide what it means to have accomplished something and assess ourselves accordingly. If you’re going on a diet, you know you’ve succeeded when you look better, feel better, [...] More
photo of a digital marketer working on real estate marketing

What to Remember With Real Estate Marketing & Social Media

The real estate world is becoming more and more competitive as time passes- and that’s why many agents are beginning to use social media to showcase their homes! When managing social media, there are many things to keep in mind. So we’ve come up with a list of 4 things to remember with real estate [...] More
Woman holds camera to eye to take photo of building while giving real estate photography tips.

Real Estate Photography Tips-Trends to Shoot For

The world of real estate marketing is ever-changing and modernizing. So how can you step past the competition using photography?

man and women look at a website for real estate agents

Websites for Real Estate Agents-Yes or No?

If you're a Realtor, you know how important it is to develop a memorable brand that resonates with your clients. But, did you know that only 24% of Realtors are including a personal website into their brand package?  If you're part of a realty agency, you may wonder if it's even worthwhile to have individual [...] More
photo of a woman recording a video and deomstrating How to grow your real estate business.

Why Use Video to Grow Your Real Estate Business?

It is becoming increasingly hard to stand out in the real estate market.  There are all kinds of people out there with their licenses competing with you for listings and buyers as well.  They can get photos for listings on the real estate sites and can get their listings into the paper just like everyone [...] More
photo of a drone recording real estate listing videos demonstrating Good How to get more real estate listings.

How To Get More Real Estate Listings

It has become clear that video is a great way to get more real estate listings and increases sales. People are seeking out video. Due to Google's purchase of Youtube and videos in search results, it is clear that they have taken notice as well. If you haven’t noticed, pay attention next time you search [...] More
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