All Time Super Bowl Ads and The Trends They Set

Year after year, no matter how much the world changes, there is one thing that remains constant. The two best teams from the NFL will meet at a (usually) neutral location and play one game, in front of anywhere from 80 to 100 million people, for all the marbles. Ironically, a large portion of those More

Beyond Paperless: The Future of Document Management

I think we can all agree that paperwork is a necessary evil. In the real estate industry, keeping all of the contracts and forms organized is essential to completing a successful sale. Our paperless document management system might not make paperwork enjoyable, but it certainly makes your job a whole lot easier. Our system allows More

The EDGE Advantage: Why Your Brokerage Needs an Automated Marketing Solution

We know agents have a million ways to market their listings, and no one has time to manage it all. That’s where our automated real estate solution comes in. Allow us to introduce the EDGE, a proprietary software designed specifically for hands-free real estate marketing. With the EDGE, your brokerage will have access to all More

Video Distribution: We Make It Easy

Is your brokerage looking for an easy, automated way to share listing videos? We’ve got you covered. Meet the EDGE, a proprietary software designed specifically for hands-free real estate marketing. After establishing a data feed connection with your brokerage, the EDGE will create videos for your entire listing inventory and distribute them across a variety More

Streaming TV: The Next Evolution in Real Estate Marketing

We all know someone who has decided to “cut the cord” and get rid of cable subscriptions in favor of streaming video sites like Netflix and Hulu. Data shows that more and more people are choosing this route when it comes to their media consumption. According to a digital media trends survey from Deloitte, from More

5 TED Talks Every Digital Marketer Needs To See

Where do you go for quick inspiration? Some turn to Pinterest. Some turn to music. Some turn to the kitchen. But some turn to an intense collection of categorized clips from motivational speakers. Yes, I’m talking about the notorious TED Talk. As it turns out, digital marketing is a pretty highly watched topic. For this More

Top 7 Marketing Campaigns of 2020

Let’s face it. Brands don’t always get it right. In fact, sometimes, they get it really, really wrong. But every digital marketer’s favorite occurrence is watching their favorite brand release a kick-ass campaign that has everybody talking. This year, as digital consumption went up, and face to face interaction went down, there were definitely a More

If Your Neighborhood Was A Marketing Funnel

I’m met with the aroma of coffee as I enter the kitchen and head to the porch. I crack the door and hear the choir of birds singing me a melody that would be sure to brighten anyone’s day. The sun is beaming and as I approach the swing to take my seat… “Hey, Dave!” More

Facebook for President?

The Glory Days Are Gone Remember the good ole days when you hopped on Facebook to share your favorite edgy song lyric, vent about something a family member did, or share an embarrassing photo of your friend? Your feed was innocent and your posts were too. But now, those days are long gone.  Instead, we More

Digital Marketing: From a Different Standpoint

Working remotely is a common concept in today’s world. Looking into the future, this concept will most likely be our new “normal.” To some, this may be unsettling. However, to those in the digital marketing industry, we are prepared for it. Online is the future. We are constantly thinking of ways to incorporate into this More

The Future of Digital

As marketers, we’re always looking forward. A major part of our job is to be “in the know” when it comes to what’s going on in the digital world. So what does the future look like for digital marketing? This Marketing Monday, we sat down with Digital Marketing Strategists Travis Grither, Cody Lunsford, and Myles More

Your Guide to Social Media Platforms

You’ve chosen your target audience, brainstormed your unique message, and finally, created that awesome piece of content. What’s next? Now it’s time to put it out there for everyone to see. But where exactly are you going to put it? Today, we’re giving you our guide to social media platforms. Let’s talk about the benefits More
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