Digital Advertising in a Crisis: A No-Brainer

In the midst of uncertainty, digital consumption is at an all-time high. Will you halt all marketing efforts, or take advantage and hit the Internet full force? 

photo of streaming apps on a smart tv

Streaming Apps for the Win-Diversifying Entertainment

Streaming Apps: The Lifeline for Sheltering In Place Binge-mode is at an all-time high. My couch has absorbed the imprint of my body. I’ve successfully joined the movement and watched the entire Tiger King documentary on Netflix. There are seven hours I’ll never get back. It’s almost too easy. With a simple click of a [...] More
photo of a digital marketing team reviewing several social media metrics

5 Social Media Metrics You Shouldn’t Ignore

You’ve got plenty of followers. So why is the notifications tab so dry? It’s possible you haven’t taken the time to look at your social media metrics. While this may seem intimidating or maybe even a little unfamiliar, there’s a method to this madness. This #MarketingMonday, let’s dive into 5 social media metrics you shouldn’t [...] More
photo showing two people in a cafe laughing over a phone demonstrating ideal relationship marketing

What is Relationship Marketing?

A quote from Maya Angelou says, “People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” Anyone can run a business, but what is the key to setting that business apart from others? Simple, it’s relationships! So what is relationship marketing? Let’s check [...] More
image shows a phone and computer with email marketing on the screen. learn about top 3 email marketing mistakes

Mistakes in Email Marketing-Our Top 3 Picks

Ding! A notification previewing your third email of the day from Nordstrom has just popped up in the right corner of your laptop. Are you eager to click? Annoyed? Or will it simply blend into the endless pool of spam without a single notice? That all depends on how well they’ve formulated these emails. It [...] More
photo of a phone displaying reviews, ratings, and social proof

Using Social Proof to Promote Your Products & Services

Why should the public believe that your products and services are amazing if you’re the only one talking about them? They shouldn’t right? That’s why we look at the reviews on Amazon, search for business’ social profiles, and ask our friends for recommendations. We do all of these things in search of social proof. So [...] More
picture of laptop and reaction emojis reacting to continual content promotion tips

Content Promotion Tips for Better Engagement

You’ve written that kick-BUTT ad copy and posted it to all social platforms. The performance was great for the first couple of days but it started to die down. So where do you go from there? This #MarketingMonday, we’re going to be learning continual content promotion tips- so no good idea burns out! Before you [...] More
Woman smiles while she is creating meaningful content online

Creating Meaningful Content-Standing Out Online

Nowadays, anyone and everyone has the freedom to release whatever they want into the Creative Cloud. This can be a wonderful thing, but can also be the root of all evil in the internet world. Internet pollution is a real thing- and one way to prevent it is by creating content with purpose- creating meaningful [...] More
photo of an agent using instagram for real estate

Real Estate Agents: Why Instagram Stories?

Setting yourself apart as a Real Estate agent can be tricky. That’s why many are turning to Instagram’s most popular sharing feature...the Story. Instagram Stories allow users to post photos, videos, boomerangs and more, for a frame of 24 hours. After this time is up, the content will disappear forever. So why are Instagram Stories [...] More
image of social media ads and apps

Social Media Ads- Strategizing to Use your Ad Budget

This week for #MarketingMonday we’ll be talking about the rising costs of using social media ads in your advertising, and how to navigate these changes in the market. It’s not a secret that social media advertising has become an effective method of gaining awareness. Because of this, some businesses spend around half of their marketing [...] More
photo of a person looking at a screen and wondering, "What is a chatbot?"

What is a Chatbot? and How Can it Help My Business?

Have you ever considered using a chatbot for your business? You may be asking yourself, "What IS a chatbot?" "What's the deal with chatbots?" And the answer is simple. The way we communicate is always changing. Nowadays, we’re much more likely to send a quick text using iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or some other group chat [...] More
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