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Top 7 Marketing Campaigns of 2020

Let’s face it. Brands don’t always get it right. In fact, sometimes, they get it really, really wrong. But every digital marketer’s favorite occurrence is watching their favorite brand release a kick-ass campaign that has everybody talking. This year, as digital consumption went up, and face to face interaction went down, there were definitely a few brands that really made some waves. Let’s take a look at seven of the best marketing campaigns in 2020. 


What better time to advertise all things “home,” when staying home is all you can do? At the start of the pandemic, everyone was feeling – feeling confused, feeling scared, and feeling lonely. IKEA’s #StayAtHome campaign would personify the home, and remind us that the place we lay to rest is special. Our homes are where memories are made and would be there no matter what. In a time of such uncertainty, IKEA’s reminder of what “home” is, was something we all needed.

2. Burger King

Fast food has its perks, don’t get me wrong. It’s delicious, convenient, and cheap. But after the surfacing of many home experiments and gruesome documentaries, the quality of the food sits in the back of our minds when we swing through a drive-thru. Playing off of this, Burger King created the “Moldy Whopper” campaign. Artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors would now be removed from the famous sandwich, and this fast-food chain was ready to tell the world. Using a series of photos and videos, paying customers would see the Whopper in all of it’s moldy, but safer to eat, glory. If you dare, check it out here.

3. Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a simple “I’m thinking about you,” a Hallmark card can say it all. This year, on Mother’s Day, the brand did something special. A commercial released around Mother’s Day followed the story of a mother and her daughter with down syndrome. The short clip would perfectly display the unconditional love and life lessons the two shared. The “Dear Mom” campaign inspired individuals across the country and certainly left some of us teary-eyed. Watch it, here!

4. Calm App

Political views aside, I think we can all agree that this campaign by the Calm App was pure and utter genius. For those that don’t know, Calm is a mobile application for meditation. The app came out in 2017 and has been helping its users lower stress levels and anxiety ever since. Calm decided to do something bold this year – and by bold, I mean, sponsor an event that has caused just about as much anxiety as the pandemic. That’s right, Calm announced that they would be sponsoring CNN’s coverage of election night. What a perfect time to download the app!

5. Coors Light

User-generated content is one of my favorites because it brings regular people all over the world together – joining hands to advertise a brand they love. Within the madness that was 2020, Coors Light decided to shed some light on a known-fact. America needed a beer. The beer production company released a social-media giveaway that involved three simple steps. First, tag Coors Light and tell them who deserves a 6-pack and why. Next, hashtag #CouldUseABeer. Finally, post! Coors Light continued this giveaway until 500,000 beers were given away. Not only did this put smiles on faces, but created brand awareness like no other.

6. McDonald’s

As much as we’d sometimes hate to agree, the fact is, influencer marketing works! Earlier this year, McDonald’s teamed up with rapper Travis Scott to create a new menu item that would quickly go viral. The “Travis Scott meal” included a Quarter Pounder with cheese, lettuce, and bacon, as well as a medium order of fries and barbecue sauce. This meal would be advertised as Scott’s go-to grub and everyone, regardless of who liked him, would be talking about it. Have you tried it?

7. Google

I think you all knew this one was coming. If you watched the Super Bowl this year, or like me, at least paid attention to the commercials, you probably saw this iconic TV advertisement. One word: Loretta. Now you remember. If you’re still lost, you’ve got to check it out. This commercial, produced by Google, shows an elderly man asking his Google assistant device to display stored memories of his late wife Loretta. Let’s just say, the tears were flowing. Check it out here. 

2020 was a year with many emotions, and these brands sure knew how to make them come alive. We can’t wait to see what’ll make next year’s list. Don’t you love when brands get it right?

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