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4 Myths About Marketing: DEBUNKED!

As it turns out, George Washington didn’t have wooden teeth, drinking alcohol doesn’t actually raise your body temperature, and it’s likely you won’t have cramps if you swim after you eat. Who would’ve thought? So, where along the way did we convince ourselves that any of these things were true? If you think about it, it’s kind of funny! Someone, some time ago, spoke their opinion, and somebody believed it. And then, that person told everyone. 

Today we’re looking at some of the most common misconceptions in our industry – and backing them with factual information. Let’s get started!

“All content should strictly be focused on promoting my business.”

This couldn’t be more false, and here’s why! David Beebe once said, “Content marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.” Consider this: Why do you follow that business on social media? Why did you subscribe to their email list, and why did you stay? For many, it’s because they offered you some kind of value. 

Let’s take a makeup brand, for example. The brand might send out an email blast with an infographic about the importance of cleaning your brushes. They might even post a how-to video on Instagram called “Natural Eyeshadow for Beginners.” Both of these kinds of content are reasons consumers stay locked in. These are simple ways to build trust and boost your brand without ever having to promote your own business/products – which, a lot of time, is exactly what you need to make the sale!

“A campaign’s success is directly related to the amount of clicks, engagement, and overall click-through rate it receives.”

Call us Mythbusters because we’re about to bust this myth. Have you ever tracked a campaign and second-guessed yourself based on the industry’s standards of easily viewable metrics? We’ve all been there! But it’s important to remind ourselves that each campaign is built to serve a particular purpose, and they won’t look the same every time! 

Thinking back on the goals and objectives of your campaign will allow you to hone in on what really matters. So maybe your clicks are down this month, but are you tracking your organic search? Does the audience you’re reaching match up with the one you’ve targeted? What kind of external factors could be influencing my campaign? Maybe the economy has shifted, or maybe your product/business does better in one season over another. There are so many reasons why a campaign could underperform in one specific area – especially if that area was never a part of your plan for success to begin with!

“Graphic design is just about creating logos.”

Graphic designers everywhere are laughing at this one. If you’re even remotely in the industry, you know how untrue this is. While logos are an important element to any brand, there are so many other deliverables to be made. The logo is simply one of the first pieces of the puzzle. First comes the logo, then comes the brand package, and this is where the fun really begins. 

The possibilities are endless. With graphic design, your business’ content comes alive.

“Our video needs to go viral to be successful.”

Videos are made to be seen, but going “viral” isn’t imperative in the B2B marketing world. What matters most are actions taken and conversions made by your viewers. For example, maybe your goal is to get them to visit a landing page, fill out a form, or like your page. If that happens, you’ll know you really succeeded.

Let me remind you of who you want watching these videos – because being seen by a large number of people takes second place to being seen by your target audience.

We’re glad we were able to debunk these common marketing misconceptions! For more of our best digital marketing insights, head over to our blog at

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